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Juliet Bowler ([personal profile] aphrabehn) wrote2012-04-20 11:59 am

Act because you actually love it.

(I'm still figuring out the best way to cross-post my Wordpress blog here. For the time being, it's a cut and paste job)

Jenna Fischer, of The Office, posted some great advice for actors. I’m pasting in one of my favorite bits below, but the whole entry is worth a read.


I thought being an actor meant being famous. But, most actors aren’t recognizable. It’s funny. I watch TV in a whole new way now. Like, I watch a show and I see the person who has 3 lines on Law and Order and I think, “Their family is gathered around the TV flipping out right now. I bet that was a huge deal for that person!” There are so many actors that make a living by doing support work on shows. I was that person for many years.For me to stay in this business, it had to be okay if I was never recognized. I learned that I loved the craft of acting more than the idea of being famous.

One thing I’ve noticed as an actor, especially in a small market like New England, is many actors fit in one or two categories* – actors, who enjoy acting, maybe take a class here and there, and perform when they can and the people who want to be movie stars. Now, there’s nothing wrong with either category, but I find a lot of the people in the latter group might be more enamored with the idea of being famous than the actual acting and work and process that goes into creating a performance. Acting is hard and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Acting is not necessarily about becoming famous. It is because you love it.

I wouldn’t have stuck with this for this long if it was all about fame. Trust me on that one.

*That isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of real pros out there or well-trained hard-working actors or people who love film who work really hard. Just something I’ve noticed as of late.

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