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I can't say I was shocked this morning to find out Ted Kennedy had died overnight, but I was deeply saddened. If you grew up here, as I did, you realize he's a big facet in your life, even if you never met him.

My family goes way back in Boston....My great great grand uncle, Martin Lomasney, Ward 8 Boss, gave Honey Fitz his first job and took one away, too. Most of my family on my Mom or Dad's side were or are deeply political. My Mom's family had the Lougherys, Seligs and Kearnses, all running around Boston, Charlestown and Medford, getting out the Mattress Vote, propping up candidates, tearing them back down. If you think politics now is dirty...try it in the 20's! But that part of the family story had tailed off by the 40's. On my Dad's side, the Cochrans and Bowlers are still at it and thriving in parts of Dorchester and JP.

So my whole family has been regaling me with stories of Curley and Honey Fitz and Kennedy family since I was tiny. This morning, I told my mom about Teddy. We started talking about the family, about the day that vets were marching in a parade - JFK one of them - just home from the War. My great grandmother, Annie, told my then 3 year old Mom to give a cup to Mayor Curley and say it was from Annie. My mom marched up and gave Curley the Brighams cup (at least she thinks it was a Brigham's cup - it was probably just beer) and Curley came over to say his hellos to my great grandmother - they'd know each other a long time. Annie then sent my mom over with another cup because "Joe's kid" looked scrawny. That was the first time my Mom met JFK.

This whole family is so deeply embedded in mine....I didn't know Sen. Kennedy personally. I'd seen him a bunch of times, "met" him twice, but it still as if a family member died.

I just feel irrationally sad.

One thing I really liked - Brian Williams from NBC received an email that said:

In Lieu of Flowers, Pass Health Care.
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