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Wow, those fancy, iridescent M&M's were kinda good.

Shit, I miss my cat Irving. I could swear I just heard him downstairs.

I have two bajillion items in my closet and hate every single thing I own.

Stephen Colbert's hair grows fast!

Why am I not twittering this crap instead? (like totally follow me, I'm aphrabehn!)

Should I hack all of my hair off and dye it platinum blonde with black on the underside, a la Mia Michaels on So You Think You Can Dance? Or just realize my hair sits flat on my head in a medium ash blonde kinda way and that's that.

Mmmm...bacon. Want bacon. Can't have bacon. Still want bacon.

My nailpolish is growing out in the most interesting way...don't wanna remove it yet.

What is so scary as to petrify wood? Bahhh...dum.dum.

I would totally do roller derby except that I can't roller skate to save my life and I'm a big chicken.

And, finally, I am mentally ticking down the days until I quit the demon tobacco....after this recent bout of friggin' pleurisy (no really - PLEURISY. Next is Dropsy, on to ague, a bout of gout, then St. Vitus Dance, I swear) I gotta quit. This scared the crap out of me. Me, on an inhaler? Yikes! (Even scarier, realizing how good that post-inhaler cigarette is. Do not try this at home.)

And, really finally, why can't I win the lottery and retire?
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